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Yalikavak Marina, the hottest spot in Bodrum this summer, is lit with EMFA's LED fixtures. The 1500 units used to light the entrance, the facade walls and garden were produced in 2 weeks so that Yalikavak Marina would be operational by the beginning of this summer. The 6-7 meter tall palm trees in the garden in front of the stores and cafes are lit with 27W Belkis 5 LED in-ground fixtures. Since the fixtures are close to salt water, the frames are produced of 316L stainless steel to avoid corrosion. The bushes and trees in the gardens are lit by 9W Belkis 4 LED in-ground units. Besides the marine-grade stainless steel cover, the body was also These were customized to be completely stainless steel due to the proximity to the salt water. The facade walls are lit with 9W Belkis 2 in-ground fixtures. With the pools lit with surface mounted Atlantis 2, we suggest you go to Yalikavak Marina and enjoy Bodrum under EMFA lights.


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