JW Marriot Absheron Hotel
Azerbaijam, Baku



dpa lighting consultants requested a modification to the Belkis 2 LED recessed uplight to suit their lighting needs. EMFA immediately analyzed the request to see if it was theoretically possible and once confirmed, moved ahead to make a sample. The request was to integrate a 7° tilt into the body of the fixture, so the light emission would be asymmetrical. Also, they requested a linear elliptical lens to give the effect seen on the balconies of the JW Marriott Hotel. Having achieved the requirements of dpa without compromising on the structural and thermal integrity of the fixture, the sample was accepted and the new Belkis 2 Asymmetric now lights up the large section of balconies on the right and left side of the hotel. This request subsequently led EMFA to integrate a 7, 15, and 25° tilt into their recessed LED fixtures to create a whole new range of products.

Pasha Construction


ReardonSmith Architects

Lighting Designer 

dpa lighting consultants