EMFA's 20mA LED fixtures are ideal for ambiance lighting outdoors and in where only a touch of light is required.These fixtures apart from being used as orientation lights,can light steps and paths and highlight walls and columns.A material mix of die cast aluminium,marine grade stainless steel and acrylic are offered to fit the correct location. A choice of lighting or backlighting LEDs is offered to either give a directional lighting effect or a lighting glow.

    "Customization” is EMFA’s standard" 
    EMFA offers many combinations for each fixture, as all fixtures are made in house. A combination of 6 standard paint colors, 5 LED colors, and 2 LED types are  available to make the fixture suitable for the required application. This is done without increasing lead-time and is available for large as well as small quantities.

    Voltage : 240V A.C Class II (12V AC or DC, 24V AC or DC on request)
    Diffuser : Clear Polycarbonate
    Recessing Box : Inox (Stainless Steel)
    Standard with 5m 3x0,75 H03 VV-F cable